Thursday, April 4, 2013

Útúrdúr is proud to present a special publication "Decade" by the honorary artist of Sequences Gretar Reynisson. Along side the presentation of the publication Gretar will exhibit new work in Útúrdúr that has never before been exhibited.

April 6th at 17-19.

Everyone is welcome.

Gretar Reynisson has accepted the invitation to take part in Sequences VI as honorary artist. In recent editions of the festival it has become a tradition to invite one artist for this symbolic role, an artist who has contributed in a particular way to the field of time based art. Gretar Reynisson succeeds such artists as Magnús Pálsson, Rúrí and Hannes Lárusson. Time is a key concept for Reynisson, it is his medium and subject as an artist. Concentrating on daily routines, his works are based on determined actions and gestures that he repeats every day. They become an abstract documentation of time passing, as well as a deeply personal statement reflecting the desire to maintain status quo against the wheel of time. During Sequences VI, Reynisson will present The Decade, a series of works that grew day by day during the first ten years of this century. The project will be followed up by a special publication. This will be the first time that these compelling yet playful works are exhibited to the public.