Tuesday, May 21, 2013

BDP - Broken Dimanch Press - at Útúrdúr with John Holten

Having published very early in its career an Icelandic Berliner in Kakofonie 002 – Eirik Sördal – as well as publishing a book dubiously/hubristically entitled Mountainislandglacier after
Eyjafjallajökull (and indeed having spent many years planning to do so) BDP is delighted with itself to be finally visiting Iceland and having the chance to present its goods at the venerable Útúrdúr Bókabúð.

To mark the occasion BDP’s John Holten will read erotic moments from his published work to try and make everyone’s Saturday night get off to a good albeit probably awkward start.

BDP started in 2008 as a platform for progressive experiments in literature and visual arts and the crisscross between the two through printed matter, editions, exhibitions and performances. Taking as a starting point a Europe united in many ways at the same time as it is paradoxically frustrated at every turn, BDP works to overcome linguistic and conservative barriers extent in the world today. Working out of Berlin for a number of years, BDP more recently has been on tour around Europe.

Manifesto 2013: