Friday, March 5, 2010

Hversdagslegi vísindaskálskapurinn

Einn af þeim gripum sem við fengum frá Berlín. Um er að ræða útgáfustarfsemi í Belgíu sem gefur út einu sinni á ári samansafn af skrifum um hin ýmisleg málefni. Í þetta sinn er um að ræða Hversdagslega vísindaskáldskapar töluritið (The Mundane Scince Fiction Issue) sem ber titilinn Not what if, what if not?

Task Newsletter #2:

Not what if, what if not?

"The Mundane Science Fiction issue: Tone it down/pull it back. The future never gets old. Metahaven discusses online utopian impulses. Rob Giampietro and David Reinfurt have a slightly phased conversation. Kate McKinney Maddalena provides the etymology of the word "mundane." Task interviews the NASA Earth Observatory. Randy Nakamura tries to hold back his emotions. Catalogtree predicts the future. Daniel Eatock, LUST, Peter Bilak, Sean Donahue, Mr. Keedy, Zak Kyes, and Wayne Daly describe things that never happened. Paul Elliman climbs the Tower of Song. Jimmy Carter addresses alien races. Apollo 8 gets unscripted. Buckminster Fuller coins a term. Christian Bale meets Ettore Sottsass. Google organizes the world. All this in the span of a day, the palm of your hand"

Um Task Newsletter:

"...uses design as a perspective, designed objects as evidence of larger systems, and designers as researchers.

...will be published once a year as a collection of thematic explorations and reports on topics of interest to our readers. hard to describe as anything but "in flux." a labor of love (/hate)"