Friday, March 5, 2010

Fyrirlestur listamannsins Joseph Grigely um "Gervilimi sýningarhalds" (Exhibition Prosthetics) gefin út af Bedford Press:

"‘Exhibition Prosthetics’ is a term used to describe a loosely ordered array of exhibition conventions. These conventions include labels, titles, checklists, exhibition announcements, press releases, and catalogues; and in some instances, exhibition publications that manifest themselves outside the physical space of the gallery. In this respect, moving closer to the artwork involves moving away from the artwork – to look closer at fringes and margins and representations, and ask what seems to be a very fundamental question: to what extent are these various exhibition conventions actually part of the art – and not merely an extension of it? How might it be that ‘art’ is subsumed by the various representations that we make for it? This talk will focus on situations in which the representations are art – not merely re-presentations of art."