Friday, March 26, 2010

New edition of Kaleidoscope - Free magazine

Omer Fast by Nav Haq; COVER STORY: Hicksploitation by Richard Hawkins; FUTURA: Markus Miessen by Hans Ulrich Obrist; ENIGMA No.5 by Christian Frosi; PIONEERS: Robert Breer by Simone Menegoi; Marlo Pascual by Gianni Jetzer; EXCURSUS #2 by Zak Kyes; Vandasye by Leah Whitman Salkin; PANORAMA: Utrecht, For example by Michele D'Aurizio; Marte Eknæs by Melissa Gronlund; ON EXHIBITIONS: AIDS Timeline by Paola Nicolin; Erik Bell & Kristoffer Frick by Vanessa Joan Müller; MAPPING THE STUDIO: Ryan Gander by Luca Cerizza; LAST QUESTION by Slavs & Tatars.

MAIN THEME: On Language as Violence. Edited by Brad Butler & Karen Mirza. About the Title by Edit Molnár; On Language as Violence by Brad Butler; special project by Brad Butler & Karen Mirza; The Obsolescence of the Arrow Maker by Nick Davies.

THE KALEIDOSCOPIC FILES: The Architectural Brain by Edwin Gardner (Architecture), Learning Webs by Yann Chateigné Tytelman (Art), Italy: The New Domestic Landscape by Andreas Angelidakis (Design), Style Boutique by Matteo Bordone (Fashion), Christoph Hochhäusler by Kai von Rabenau (Film), Stephen King by Massimo Gardella (Literature), The Orient Express by Arash Saedinia (Music), Banu Cennetoglu by Sylvia Kouvali (People), Dexter Sinister by Philip Aarons (Publishing), Anchor and Hope by Gavin Everall (Spot).

MONO: Armando Andrade Tudela. Interview by Francesco Manacorda; Field Film by Sigfrida Letal; Esquinas/Corners by John Slyce.