Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Michael Brown and Sylvia Matas - exhibition in Útúrdúr

Two Canadian artists Michael Brown and Silvia Matas will open an exhibition with bookworks, photographs and multiples in Útúrdúr on Saturday the the 12th of Mai at 17-20. Michael Brown will exhibit the work WINTERHOUSES ans Silva Matas will exhibit In every direction. WINTERHOUSES is a ‘non-sequenced’ group of 60 pages of images and language. The pages, comprised of drawings, language, ink paintings, and photos, are held in a card container- itself bound into the hardcover of the bookwork. Symbols, ranging from the scientific to the mythological, the numinous to the beautiful, and the mysterious to the matter-of-fact weave throughout the work, while changing form on any given page. Metamorphosing interpretation occurs through individual’s random arrangements. Viewers might conjure narratives or simply a singular impression. WINTERHOUSES, like a lot of my work, permits viewer influence. This I hoped would allow me to relinquish control of the project and let it evolve beyond the limited scope of my intentions into its own enduring, adapting, communicating being. In Every Direction consists of images and text. There is no narrative- it is more of an incomplete collection of information that describes overlapping mental and physical environments. There are references to (among other things) sound and movement through time and space, in and out of intensity and in and out of focus. Micahel Brown and Silvia Matas both graduated with a MFA degree form Chelsea College of Art and Design in London and have participated in various exhibtions in Canada as well as internationaly. For further infromation please contact Ingvar Högni in Útúrdúr. GSM : 864-4403 Email : Útúrdúr Hverfisgata 42 101 Reykjavík