Saturday, September 4, 2010

Caprisious Magazine - Fine art photography

We just got the Caprisious Magazine in Útúrdúr.

Caprisious Magazine

Swedish photographer Sophie Morner founded Capricious Magazine while she was living in Amsterdam in 2004. It is a biannual publication dedicated to showcasing emerging fine art photography. Its contributors and subject matter span the globe and it can be purchased from quality booksellers internationally. The magazine is comprised almost entirely of images; it has very little text and the pages are perorated to encourage the pinning up of its contents. Since Caprisious collaborates with guest editors and chooses a new theme for each edition, the material is never lackluster. And while constant change is a primary Caprisious trait, there are also definite common visual threads running throughout its 5-year history. Caprisious has an affinity for things like animals, androgyny, opposition, reclaimed life, lust, natural as well as urban life, intimacy, revolution and nostalgia. Hanna Liden, Ryan McGinley, Esther Teichman, Nick Haymes, Olaf Breuning, Melanie Bonajo and Skye Parrot are just a few of the dozens of photographers whose work has been promoted by presence in Caprisious. As a leading fine art photography journal, Caprisious Magazine occupies a rare and whimsical space between commercial and fashion photography; it operates as both a tool for discovering new talent and as an artist oasis.

Text taken from the website of Caprisious Magazine.